The hypnotist asked Michael to perform as Elvis; he did, received a standing ovation, and has been performing as Elvis ever since.

When Raymond Michael was a freshman operatic voice major and football player at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks , CA , he was asked to represent the football team on a panel when a hypnotist show came on campus. The hypnotist asked Michael to perform as Elvis; he did, received a standing ovation, and has been performing as Elvis ever since. In fact, Michael has just returned from a successful tour commemorating the 25th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. A highlight for any Elvis fan, this mid-western tour found Michael performing in the same venues Presley did 25 years ago during his last concert tour.

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Michael has performed for ten summers at Knott's Berry Farm, five summers at Six Flags Over Texas, at five other Six Flags Parks, in main showrooms in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Reno, on national network, international and cable television shows, and in major concert tours of the United States, Canada and the world. He was featured in the "Where's Your Moustache?" milk print advertisement, and just last winter, served as technical advisor and performer for a national Blockbuster Video television commercial featuring the likeness of Elvis. Michael also performs in numerous corporate shows, has had his own, hour long, national cable television special, and has been featured in several MTV music videos. Dick Clark, "Granddaddy of Rock 'n' Roll," selected Michael as one of the best Elvis tribute acts in the world. Michael's Tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll is also a hit at numerous city concerts and county & state fairs. He owns over thirty jumpsuits that are exact replicas of Elvis Presley's, most of them made by Gene Doucette - the man who designed all of Elvis' jumpsuits. In addition to his Elvis act, Michael also does a great tribute to Tom Jones, which is part of his Casino Superstars Show.

When not performing as Elvis, Michael teaches chorus and musical show production at Moorpark High School. Recently he was honored with NBC 4 Television's Crystal Apple Award for Teaching Excellence. And, when time permits, Michael will take to the stage as the lead in a musical or opera. Raymond Michael lives in Moorpark with his wife, Pam, and his four sons: Raymond, Jr., Joseph, Jonathan, and Ethan.

Long recognized as one of the best Elvis tribute acts around, Michael continues to perform in a variety of venues from local, city concerts to national television. Raymond Michael plans to continue to keep the memory of Elvis alive by doing his upbeat, classy and entertaining Tribute to the King of Rock & Roll for years to come. For booking information, call (805) 340-7348 or e-mail.

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"One of the best Elvis acts in the world."

Dick Clark, Granddaddy of Rock 'n Roll

"The greatest impersonator in the business today. Elvis would have been honored."

Eddie Fadal, Elvis' personal friend for two decades

"Raymond Michael is drawing frenzied and capacity audiences. People are elbowing their way into the 1500 seat Contemporary Theatre three times a night and extra performances are being added on weekends. He has a large range and moves from rock bottom to peak notes without straining."

Scott Cain, Entertainment Editor, The Atlanta Journal, Atlanta, GA (and reviewer of Elvis' Atlanta concerts in the 1970s)